Anton Sobolev


PhD Candidate in Political Science and Government, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Fields

Mass Protests and Revolution, Collective Actions in Politics, Autocracies,  Property Rights Protection, Political Risk, Political Economy of Natural Disasters 

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e-mail: asobolev [at]

Mailing address: UCLA Department of Political Science, 4289 Bunche Hall, Box 951472, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1472


“Trial by Fire: a Natural Disaster’s Impact on Support for the Authorities in Rural Russia,” World Politics, 2014, 66(4), 641-668  (with Egor Lazarev, Irina Soboleva and Boris Sokolov) 

"Means of Production VS Means of Coercion: Can Russian Business Limit the Violence of Predatory State?," Post-Soviet Affairs, 2014, 30(1), 171-194 (with Andrei Yakovlev and Anton Kazun)

“Social and Economic Policy Trade-Offs  in the Russian Regions: Evidence from Four Case Studies,” Europe-Asia Studies, 2013, 65(10): 1855-1876 (with Tom Remington, Irina Soboleva and Mark Urnov) 

“Well-Organized Play: Symbolic Politics and the Effect of the Pro-Putin Rallies,” Problems of Post-Communism, 2013, 60(2): 24-39 (with Regina Smyth and Irina Soboleva) 


Articles under review

"Reccurent Revolutions: Technological Foundations of Political Instability" (with Dmitry Dagaev, Natalia Lamberova and Konstantin Sonin)

“Geography, Technology and Politics: Factors of Russian Mass Protests 2011-2012” 

Book chapters

“Defining Common Ground: The Language of Mobilization in Russian Protests” " in The Systemic and Non-Systemic Opposition in the Russian Federation, 2015, Ashgate Publishing, forthcoming  (with Regina Smyth and Irina Soboleva)

Papers in progress

"A Theory of Authoritarian Image-Building" (with Maxim Ananyev)

"Leaderless Protests?(with Dmitry Dagaev, Natalia Lamberova and Konstantin Sonin)

"Patterns of Discontent:  Identifying the Participant Core in Russian Post-Election Protest" (with Regina Smyth and Irina Soboleva)


"Mozhet li nasilie pomoch uspekhu protesta?" [Can violence help protests succeed?] Vedomosti, with Daniel Treisman, March 6, 2014

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